Netball Explained, It's Not Just Basketball

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Netball is a game of two teams and consists mostly of two six players in each team where the players hit the ball by hand over a high net. Each team tries to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent’s court.

Netball is in fact one of the most popular sports played in the entire world. Approximately, 800 million people play a variety of netball game. It is in fact exciting to watch but more fun to play a game of netball.

There are certain positions, which the players playing a game of netball need to take while playing a game of netball. These positions are most the opposites, setters, middle blockers, setters, liberos and others.

The serve, the dig and the netball attack are some of the skills required for the netball players to play the game.

Due to the fun and the excitement involved in the game, the sport of netball has become extremely popular in the entire world, especially in English talking countries. Today, more and more people are attracted towards the game and playing the game in large numbers to experience the fun and excitement.