Division of players in Netball

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In netball, the players are basically divided into two types. These are the front row players and the back row players. The following is some detailed information about the division of players in netball.

Front row players: These are also known as blockers and attackers. The main responsibility of the front row players is to attack the ball when the setter sets the ball. The front row players are also responsible to block the ball that comes from the opponents.
Back row players: These are known as the passer or digger. The main responsibility of the back row players is to receive the serve from the players. They are also the main passers of the team and are assigned with digging the balls hit by the spikers or attackers of the team.

This was the division of the players in a game of netball. If you are a netball fan, then it is important for you to know the positions of the players and the rules of the game to make the most out of the game of netball.