Kobe Bryant Gets Compliments By Michael Jordan

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It's widely known that Michael Jordan is the best Basketball players of all times, unlike other sports where mostly its a subject to debate on. Michael Jordan has played most of his career for the Chicago Bulls, earning 6 championship rings with them and providing us with unforgettable moments.

In 2011, Kobe Bryant has shown that through out his career he is doing more and more amazing game plays and is proving him self to be worthy enough to stand side by side with Jordan. Most people would believe this is an insult to Michael Jordan, however, Jordan is the one who suggested that Kobe is getting close to his level. Jordan himself didn't admit about levels of skill, he just suggested that Kobe Bryant reminds him of himself because he is capable of pulling extra-ordinary moments within game time, making him a highly valuable player.

Currently, Kobe Bryant earns a heavy salary that filled his bank up to 140$ million dollars, making him nearly as rich as MJ himself. Currently he is one of the most popular and richest athletes in the United States and most likely that will rise due to the compliments he recently got from the king of hoops, Michael Jordan.