Can the Lakers go all the way after their big summer ?

Written by Super User. Posted in NBA odds and scores

In the midst of a very active off season for the NBA, one in which NBA Stars also defended their gold medal in the Olympics, is is time now to take a look at the NBA picture going forward, and try and analyze after all the big moves, is the Lakers really are the team to beat next year ?

Not an easy question to answer, almost like pulling Roulette wheel and hope for the best... , but on the surface, the edge have to go to the Los Angeles Lakers, no question. and why not ?, two major peaces has been added to an already great roster. One is possibly (and yes, still, at the age of 38!)the best point guard in the NBA in Steve Nash. This is Huge for the Lakers, who are now have a wonderful floor manager, one that Kobe Brant and Pao Gasol will enjoy a great deal.

The second addition ? Only the best Center in the NBA in Dwight Howard. The Lakers had to send Andrew Bynum away, but if you have a chance to upgrade at center, wouldn't you ? So now, the starting 5 for the L.A Lakers next year ? Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Dwight Hoard and Ron Artest. (Oh sorry, Mata World whatever..). To me that is clearly the best starting five in the NBA, and the best the Lakers had in many years.

At this point, any casino online would tell you the same. i think. I mean ye, there is off course Miami and Lebron, Chicago and Derick Rose (whom i hope will be back from his injury..), the Nets can make some noise, but really, barring any injuries are other complications, the Lakers are going to rock and roll and my guess ? they will go all the way, because no matter who they added, they still have one Kobe Bryant. and when you give him that kind of firepower, than lookout, he is going for the kill!