Betser – A New Sportsbook Site with a Revolutionary Rewarding System

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You are probably aware that the Internet has brought many changes in our lives and sports betting is not an exception. The online sportsbooks are getting a significant share of the online gambling market. As a matter of fact, this is the most vibrant and evolving part of this industry because new features and options are introduced almost every year. For instance, the world was amazed by the in-game betting option introduced about a decade ago. In addition, sports betting over the Internet became available on mobile devices right after the introduction of smartphones. So, online sportsbook sites are always looking for ways to optimize user experience. Since there are so many websites of this kind out there, they must figure out how to attract new users and keep their current ones loyal.

Betser is a brand new sportsbook site and it has already grabbed the attention of the public thanks to the unique rewarding system they have. The management of Betser has figured out that only by promoting new concepts they can get greater exposure and it seems that they are right.

The unique rewarding system they use is known as Balls vs Brains. The concept is actually quite simple. When a user places relatively safe bets (bets with lower odds) they can win Brains. On the other hand, when a user places hazardous bets with high odds, they can win Balls. So, this is a rewarding system that gives you more than just money in case you are a winner. But, what exactly are these brains and balls? Both, brains and balls can be exchanged on Betser in order to get free spins or free bets.

There are many online sportsbook sites that provide excellent odds for people that love risky bets while others are popular among players that play safe, but Betser is the only site that will satisfy the needs, requirements, and desires of bettors regardless of their betting style. If you are a winner, you can rest assured that you will get a great reward regardless of the odds.

Placing free bets is a great opportunity to win again without investing your own money and this is what you get from brains/balls. In addition, the chance to use free spins on slot machines is another great benefit for Betser users and a chance that must be used wisely. We should not forget that there is an opportunity to win a jackpot and this makes the entire gaming and betting experience even more exciting and memorable.

Betser comes with games and betting options that are suitable for both experienced and beginner bettors and gamblers. The rewarding system they have is a win-win situation for everyone. Players get the deserved reward for their activities while the company makes sure that their users are satisfied and that they will remain loyal to Betser.

If you are looking for a sportsbook site that is offering something new, don’t forget to check Betser.

NBA Odds: How Does it Work Exactly ?

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Proper strategy is crucial to earn money in betting. If you have never tried basketball betting then you must certainly give it a try after knowing about the rules of the game. Even if you are not an expert and do not have proper strategy then you can take advantage of the bookies in basketball betting, when you play at M88, or any other trusted site.  Some of the effective NBA strategies are:

1. When a team wins the game see what kind of words are they using in their interview after the win. The word ‘respect’ is not used by the winning team often but if they use it then that means they are confident and have a very good coach which will provide them an added benefit of winning even in the next season.

2. Team playing without a day off has the most chances of losing the game because of their tiredness and even exhaustion. You can look for such team and place your wager on them. Even if the team has strong members, tiredness will hamper their game and your prediction on betting become easy.

3. Just don’t bet thinking on one side of the game. Always take into consideration those essential points that might not have occurred before but there are chances they can happen anytime.

4. Money line is one of the best NBA odds. Here the makers decide who will be the favorite team and which side is going to be the underdog. You will have to pay less money for the favorite side and if you are placing your wager on the underdog then the winning amount will be quite more than the initial wager.

5. Total bet is another NBA odd and here the total score of the game is guessed. Under the total bet the game makes use of all kind of calculation and finally decides on a total score. You need to place for more or less that the mark set.  If you place your wager on a digit more than the set mark and the teams are not able to achieve it then you lose and your money is lost.

You can win cash and even big sums if you'll bet smartly and within your knowledge. Its a matter of trial and errors and experience off course, but if you follow the few basic rules of the seasoned bettors use, you can be on top of your game, and start making nice money on a regular basis. Its not that difficult, it just require patents, experience, and common sense.

The NBA Playoffs: Who Will Get to the Finals and Win ?

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So, we have come to the homestretch, and you can almost smell the most wonderful show of each year: the NBA Playoffs!. Granted that playing the best out of 7 games from the early rounds of the playoffs can be exhausting, but the drama keeps building as legends are born, and athletes are being defined in one of the most popular sports in the world.

So, who will win the NBA this time around ? well, as every year, there are handful of teams that can go all the way, starting with 2 time defending champions the Miami Heat. Lebron James and co seems capable of going for a three peat, take back to back to back championships. It will be an amazing achievement for Lebron, and most NBA betting sites give a slight edge to him and his team. And it looks like the road is paved for another epic clash with tough rival Indiana Pacers. The pacers gave hell to Lebron last year, who needed 7 games to finally go to the finals. Can they pull it off this time ? they certainly have a shot.

These 2 teams will represent the eastern conference. But on the west side ? that's a completely different storey as no less than 6-7 teams could make some noise and the road to the finals would be very, very difficult. The San Antonio Spurs ? Sure, as always they will be there with a great group of guys and possibly the best coach in the league. Oklahoma Thunders ? you better believe it. Kevin Durant and co will be the most difficult rival for any tam in the west and have a great chance to go back into the finals.

Than there are Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland, Phoenix and even Dallas can catch fire. It will be yet another great run as history will write itself and kings will be crown, will it be Kind James or someone else?

Is this year Kevin Durant will win the MVP ?

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The All Star Break is upon us, which means we have come to the middle of the NBA season. There are the regular superstars who got voted in, some young great players who will play for the first time in the all star, and some great players who plays a terrific first half of the season, but got snubbed and will not play in the game. No matter who will play, it's seems the experts are united, and we all know who will be this year MVP, and it's not going to be Lebron James.

At just 25 years old, Kevin Durant is the man to beat in the NBA, and with no titles to show for, he and his team, the Oklahoma Thunder will go as hard as possible to make it a special year not just personally, but team wise, by not just going to the finals, but actually win it this time around.

The versatile Durant, is producing yet another phenomenal season, averaging well over 30 point per game, carrying his team to the best record in the west, without his star point guard, and the best player on the team after Durant in Russell Westbrook. (who should come back sometimes in the next few months.), but that fact hasn't slowed all star Durant, who at one time posted a 12 games winning streak with him scoring over 30 points in each.

Even at mid-season, it is quite clear that Durant will win his first MVP award of the regular season, after Lebron James, arguably the best player in the game, and two time NBA Champion won 4 awards already, and is enjoying yet another great season.

But this year, it clearly shows that Durant has elevated his game to a different level, shooting from anywhere on the court with ease. And when that accompanied with victories, and the best record in the west, and most likely, in the league, that is the safest recipe for another great season, and a first very deserving award. Can they actually go all the way ? why not. When Kevin Durant is on your team, as most sites agree, you always has a good chance of winning.

How Free Agency Affects NBA Betting

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The 2013 NBA season finished in emphatic fashion when LeBron James’ Miami Heat took Game Seven of the Finals to pluck the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy out of San Diego’s grasp. It was a fitting end to a pulsating season and took a few days to recover from. Now, over a month after the Finals, NBA betting online fans are already wondering who will be there next year.

It’s fairly certain both Miami and San Diego will contest the playoffs once more – they’re both stellar teams in good form – yet for those hoping 2014 will be their year the work on squad rebuilding starts now.

Free agency is upon us and for some teams it means a desperate scrap for bargains and reserve players. For others, however, this is a chance to form a side capable of making the playoffs and Houston have already got off to a good start. The Rockets signed veteran Marcus Camby this week, fending off rivals Miami and Chicago Bulls for his one-year contract. Camby’s arrival comes after Dwight Howard signature early this July and means Houston’s NBA Betting odds have fallen dramatically.

Additions to the roster in the postseason can make all the difference to teams’ betting odds. JJHickson’s move to the Denver Nuggets is a great steal if he can prove the same combative inside scorer that brought him so much success at Portland. Point guard Nate Robinson has also joined the club, while the resigning of TimofeyMozgov on a three-year contract is good news. However, Denver still need a hallmark signing to lower their odds of a playoff spot.

Probably the most productive free-agency workers so far have been the LA Clippers, for the side have brought in winger JJRedick and forward Jared Dudley this summer. The pair will combine with Chris Paul to make a formidable offensive unit and punters should back them because of it.

Free agency isn’t yet over and there’s bound to be more moves before teams knuckle down to preseason training. This is the best time of year to bet on NBA – when the odds haven’t settled yet – and one big signing like rocky slots can make all the difference.

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