The German Giant - Dirk Nowitzki

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The German NBA player,Dirk Nowitzki, that arrived nearly a decade back to the NBA has enjoyed an enormous amount of positive feedback and success since he arrived. Since he arrived, has played for the Dallas Mavericks as the center position while sometimes taking spot as a power forward due to his great agility, even though he is large and tall at the height of seven feet.

Dirk is earning nearly 20$ million dollars per year, making him one of the heavy earners in the league. Such an amount does play well for his personal life as he has enjoyed great success with the opposite sex. However, his late girlfriend, Cristal Taylor, has been recently reported pregnant with his child and even though she suffered some troubles and got locked up in jail.

Dirk now is stable , and is happily engaged to the Swedish model Jessica Olsson. As Dirk comes from a sports family with a mother that played basketball and a father that played handball, we can only expect from the two to produce more athletes to the Nowitzki family.