The Year The NBA Almost Shut Down

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The NBA lockout was finally settled after the owners and players reached a tentative agreement to start the NBA season on Christmas day. The lockout mostly occurred when the owners lock out the players in July citing that they lost hundreds of millions due to the bargaining agreement with the players in 2005.

The owners wanted all the 30 teams in the association to be competitive as well as profitable. The players then agreed to lower the shares in the revenues and committed to take 57% of the revenues but rejected the latest offer of the owners believing the deal to be too restrictive.

However, the NBA lockout was finally settled after a 15-hour negotiation between the players and the owners where the players agreed to 45-51 percent o band of basketball related income. The NBA season started on Christmas much for the respite of the NBA fans who were mostly neglected after the NBA lockout.

The NBA has seen a tremendous surge in its popularity as more and more people are now almost addicted to the NBA matches and love to keep updates of all the latest action that takes place in the association.

The Way The NBA Became So Popular

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The popularity of the NBA games was at its peak in the 1980s, thanks to some awesome players such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and the Magic Johnson. However, NBA suffered some poor ratings due to boring games and character issues but it is now back with a bang and enjoys the same popularity as it did in the 1980s.

In the 1980s and the 1990s, NBA was wildly popular. This is evident from its stupendous television ratings, which are yet to be matched. However, in the 2000s the popularity of NBA was affected due to overpaid busts and character issues. It was only in the 2007-2008 period, that the NBA catch up its popularity again and is now seen one of the most highly popular sporting event watched by millions alone in North America.

Today, the NBA is seeing a tremendous surge in its popularity due to the NBA All-Star events and some young super-stars, which include Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and others. This popularity is evident from the high television ratings as well as the increases in attendance of basketball lovers for the NBA matches.

Division of players in Netball

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In netball, the players are basically divided into two types. These are the front row players and the back row players. The following is some detailed information about the division of players in netball.

Front row players: These are also known as blockers and attackers. The main responsibility of the front row players is to attack the ball when the setter sets the ball. The front row players are also responsible to block the ball that comes from the opponents.
Back row players: These are known as the passer or digger. The main responsibility of the back row players is to receive the serve from the players. They are also the main passers of the team and are assigned with digging the balls hit by the spikers or attackers of the team.

This was the division of the players in a game of netball. If you are a netball fan, then it is important for you to know the positions of the players and the rules of the game to make the most out of the game of netball.

The German Giant - Dirk Nowitzki

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The German NBA player,Dirk Nowitzki, that arrived nearly a decade back to the NBA has enjoyed an enormous amount of positive feedback and success since he arrived. Since he arrived, has played for the Dallas Mavericks as the center position while sometimes taking spot as a power forward due to his great agility, even though he is large and tall at the height of seven feet.

Dirk is earning nearly 20$ million dollars per year, making him one of the heavy earners in the league. Such an amount does play well for his personal life as he has enjoyed great success with the opposite sex. However, his late girlfriend, Cristal Taylor, has been recently reported pregnant with his child and even though she suffered some troubles and got locked up in jail.

Dirk now is stable , and is happily engaged to the Swedish model Jessica Olsson. As Dirk comes from a sports family with a mother that played basketball and a father that played handball, we can only expect from the two to produce more athletes to the Nowitzki family.

The Supreme Court of Netball - Where Skill Gets Justified

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The following is some information about the netball court. The Game's court is indoor as well as outdoors, both have the same court.

The Net height of the netball court
The net height of the netball court is 2.43 meters or 7’11-5/8” for men whereas it is 7’4-1/8” for women.

The Playing Area of the netball court
The playing area for both indoor as well as indoor netball court is 18m x 9mi. The indoor court also consists of an attack area, which is mostly designated by a line of 3 m or 9’10” back from the centerline.

The Net
The height of the net in the netball court is mostly of 8’.

One important thing to note about the netball court is that the court changes depending on the players playing the game. For instance, the height of the court varies if veterans play and is different when the competition is for juniors.

This was all about the netball court. If you are one of those people who is new to netball but wish to know everything about the game, it is important for you to know about the court and the other essential things, which are involved in a game of netball.

Can the Lakers go all the way after their big summer ?

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In the midst of a very active off season for the NBA, one in which NBA Stars also defended their gold medal in the Olympics, is is time now to take a look at the NBA picture going forward, and try and analyze after all the big moves, is the Lakers really are the team to beat next year ?

Not an easy question to answer, almost like pulling Roulette wheel and hope for the best... , but on the surface, the edge have to go to the Los Angeles Lakers, no question. and why not ?, two major peaces has been added to an already great roster. One is possibly (and yes, still, at the age of 38!)the best point guard in the NBA in Steve Nash. This is Huge for the Lakers, who are now have a wonderful floor manager, one that Kobe Brant and Pao Gasol will enjoy a great deal.

The second addition ? Only the best Center in the NBA in Dwight Howard. The Lakers had to send Andrew Bynum away, but if you have a chance to upgrade at center, wouldn't you ? So now, the starting 5 for the L.A Lakers next year ? Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Dwight Hoard and Ron Artest. (Oh sorry, Mata World whatever..). To me that is clearly the best starting five in the NBA, and the best the Lakers had in many years.

At this point, any casino online would tell you the same. i think. I mean ye, there is off course Miami and Lebron, Chicago and Derick Rose (whom i hope will be back from his injury..), the Nets can make some noise, but really, barring any injuries are other complications, the Lakers are going to rock and roll and my guess ? they will go all the way, because no matter who they added, they still have one Kobe Bryant. and when you give him that kind of firepower, than lookout, he is going for the kill!