CBS Sports Live Gametracker Tool

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Keeping track of sports is important no matter where you may be. Whether on a vacation to Hawaii with your family or stuck in a never-ending work meeting, you want to know what’s happening in your favorite sports. The CBS sports live gametracker tool allows you to follow any event from anywhere. You never have to be the last to know who won again.

Up to Date Information & Stats

The most important app feature is the real time information, stats and scores. The sports app lets you know exactly what’s happening in the game as it happens, allowing you to know exactly where your team stands at any point in the game. The information stays accurate and updates immediately.

Year Round Sports Events


The app is not limited to a single season or organization. Instead, it allows you to track athletics all year round giving you information on spring training, drafts, March Madness and more. You can even follow your favorite golfers or tennis pros. As the top football app, you will be sure to keep up with your go to fall sport and as the Best NBA app, you are sure to get the info you need during the NBA finals in the spring.


Real Time Analysis


One of the best parts about watching sports live on television is the commentator analysis. You don’t have to miss out just because you are away from the T.V.. The game tracker also allows you to follow real time analysis and events as the game unfolds. This gives you the full experience of the game when you can’t be there.


Social Media Interaction

Social banter makes the game even better, and the game tracker application gives you tweets and other social updates along with the scores, allowing you to see others’ opinions and even respond directly from your phone. This application truly covers all the bases when it comes to the top sports mobile apps.

Is this year Kevin Durant will win the MVP ?

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The All Star Break is upon us, which means we have come to the middle of the NBA season. There are the regular superstars who got voted in, some young great players who will play for the first time in the all star, and some great players who plays a terrific first half of the season, but got snubbed and will not play in the game. No matter who will play, it's seems the experts are united, and we all know who will be this year MVP, and it's not going to be Lebron James.

At just 25 years old, Kevin Durant is the man to beat in the NBA, and with no titles to show for, he and his team, the Oklahoma Thunder will go as hard as possible to make it a special year not just personally, but team wise, by not just going to the finals, but actually win it this time around.

The versatile Durant, is producing yet another phenomenal season, averaging well over 30 point per game, carrying his team to the best record in the west, without his star point guard, and the best player on the team after Durant in Russell Westbrook. (who should come back sometimes in the next few months.), but that fact hasn't slowed all star Durant, who at one time posted a 12 games winning streak with him scoring over 30 points in each.

Even at mid-season, it is quite clear that Durant will win his first MVP award of the regular season, after Lebron James, arguably the best player in the game, and two time NBA Champion won 4 awards already, and is enjoying yet another great season.

But this year, it clearly shows that Durant has elevated his game to a different level, shooting from anywhere on the court with ease. And when that accompanied with victories, and the best record in the west, and most likely, in the league, that is the safest recipe for another great season, and a first very deserving award. Can they actually go all the way ? why not. When Kevin Durant is on your team, as most sites agree, you always has a good chance of winning.

Difference Makers: Five NBA players who can turn the new season

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With around two months remaining until the NBA season tips off, the downtime between now and then can be tedious for fans of this great sport. There are only so many highlight reels and re-runs of favourite games you can watch without craving the real thing – live action before your eyes.

The NBA is awash with fantastically talented individuals who can marvel and entertain its fans almost at will it seems, with magical moments of skill. Here below we will look at five of the sports top stars who can potentially turn the season in their respective teams favour, or be tipped as a leading candidate for Most Valuable Player honours.


Cleveland Cavaliers kingpin LeBron James is currently at the peak of his powers. James helped his hometown club secure last season’s NBA Championship in a final game showdown over the Golden State Warriors and become the first team since 1978 to win a Finals Game 7 on the road. It was also the first time since 1964 that any Cleveland team has won any major league championship. James has since signed up to a mega $100m contract with the Cavs to remain in Cleveland for at least the next three seasons. With James earning $31m in his first year of the new deal, that reportedly makes him the highest paid player in the NBA. With four seasonal MVP’s already in his back pocket, it would come as no surprise if LeBron galvanised his team to yet another Championship push in 2017.

Scoring prowess

After recently helping the USA to its third straight Olympic basketball title at Rio 2016 – it’s sixth from the last seven Games, the Warriors’ biggest offseason acquisition, Kevin Durant will now be focusing his thoughts towards returning his new team to the pinnacle of basketball. Durant, a former MVP winner in 2014 with the Oklahoma City Thunder is yet to taste NBA Championship glory in his career, but his move to the Warriors makes the Golden State outfit strong favourites for the coming season. The 27 year-old’s scoring prowess is without question one of Durant’s biggest assets considering he has already won the NBA scoring crown four times in his stellar career – all that is missing now is that NBA title on his burgeoning resume.


Three-point-machine Steph Curry will be a fellow team-mate of Durant next season, in what could be a ‘Golden’ year for the Warriors franchise. Curry, 28, has taken the art of three-point scoring to a level beyond any comparison in recent seasons. The point guard set a new NBA regular season record of 272 three-point shots back in 2013, but exceeded those numbers by shooting 286 in 2015, followed by an incredible 402 successful shots from distance last season. Curry, who has been widely recognised as the ‘greatest shooter in NBA history’ led the Warriors to their first NBA Championship for 40 years back in 2015, together with MVP honours in that year. Few would bet against Curry doing it again soon.

Fierce competitor

Kevin Durant’s former team-mate Russell Westbrook is now the flag bearer for the Thunder franchise after KD decided to leave for pastures new. Westbrook has recently signed a new deal with the Thunder that ties the 28 year-old down for at least the next two seasons. Point guard Westbrook was the league’s Top Points Scorer back in 2015, but he faces a tough task to return his franchise to their only NBA title back in 1979 – as the then Seattle Sounders. Westbrook is a fierce competitor however, who gives everything on the court and is without question a major star of the league – despite the Thunder missing Durant - so one to keep a close eye upon.

Huge potential

New Orleans Pelicans star, Anthony Davis is the most youthful selection of the quintet – but far from a back number. Now into his second year of a huge $145m five season contract extension with the Pelicans, the 23 year-old Davis is a fast-improving talent, who could go right to the very top of the game in seasons to come. Davis showed his huge potential with a franchise breaking performance of 59 points and dragged in 20 rebounds in a victory over the Detroit Pistons back in February. Davis’ feat also made him the youngest player in NBA history to score 59 points in one game. Sadly knee and shoulder injuries put paid to his season in March, but a healthy Davis in 2016/17 will be a wonderful sight for Pelicans fans, but perhaps not for his future opponents.

NBA Odds: How Does it Work Exactly ?

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Proper strategy is crucial to earn money in betting. If you have never tried basketball betting then you must certainly give it a try after knowing about the rules of the game. Even if you are not an expert and do not have proper strategy then you can take advantage of the bookies in basketball betting, when you play at M88, or any other trusted site.  Some of the effective NBA strategies are:

1. When a team wins the game see what kind of words are they using in their interview after the win. The word ‘respect’ is not used by the winning team often but if they use it then that means they are confident and have a very good coach which will provide them an added benefit of winning even in the next season.

2. Team playing without a day off has the most chances of losing the game because of their tiredness and even exhaustion. You can look for such team and place your wager on them. Even if the team has strong members, tiredness will hamper their game and your prediction on betting become easy.

3. Just don’t bet thinking on one side of the game. Always take into consideration those essential points that might not have occurred before but there are chances they can happen anytime.

4. Money line is one of the best NBA odds. Here the makers decide who will be the favorite team and which side is going to be the underdog. You will have to pay less money for the favorite side and if you are placing your wager on the underdog then the winning amount will be quite more than the initial wager.

5. Total bet is another NBA odd and here the total score of the game is guessed. Under the total bet the game makes use of all kind of calculation and finally decides on a total score. You need to place for more or less that the mark set.  If you place your wager on a digit more than the set mark and the teams are not able to achieve it then you lose and your money is lost.

You can win cash and even big sums if you'll bet smartly and within your knowledge. Its a matter of trial and errors and experience off course, but if you follow the few basic rules of the seasoned bettors use, you can be on top of your game, and start making nice money on a regular basis. Its not that difficult, it just require patents, experience, and common sense.

So how does Sports Betting Lines works ?

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Sport betting is a type gambling where people place wager on their favorite sport in order to have fun and earn money. Most of the time causal players just bet to add some excitement into the game at an online sportsbook site. Often what they do is divide the team and put wager on both of them with equal amount so that the money is not lost and is within them. But this is not the case with people who just wish to earn big money through gambling. They plan strategies and do quite a lot of research before placing the wager. The wager amount is also very high in case of professional gamblers. They also read the sports betting lines before placing wager and here are some tips to help you understand and read them.

1. Each team participating in the sports has a number next to their name and that digit is called spread. Spread is the most popular line of betting. Here you will just not guess the wining or the losing team but you will also have to predict the gap between the wining and the losing team.

2. Money line is another betting strategy where you will find a negative and a positive sign. Positive sign means the amount that you are going to win and negative sign is the money that you need to put as wager. The money line is basically the last digit on the top row.

3. Over under is the bottom row and in this style you will not be predicting the winner or the loser team of the game but you will be placing your wager on the final score of the match. While doing this the first number that you will see is the score that you predicted and then is the amount that you have to begin with as wager.

How Will the Clippers Do This Year?

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With the Los Angeles Clippers being one of the most active teams this summer during the off season they have thus set the bar high for what we can expect to see from them this 2015-2016 regular season. With regards to NBA predictions and the Los Angeles Clippers, we believe that there will be three key players that will have a large impact on the Clippers success this season. The guys who we believe will play a significant role in the Clipper’s 2015-2016 season are Lance Stevenson, Branden Dawson and DeAndre Jordan.

Lance Stevenson, back in the 2013-2014 season, had some impressive average stats. With 7.2 rebounds, 13.8 points and 4.6 assist each game we expect that after leaving the Charlotte Hornets and joining the Clippers in hopes of a fresh start that he will reawaken the beast that we know he is within. Branden Dawson made it impossible to overlook his status this summer as he worked noticeably harder than anyone on the floor. Additionally, he has proven incredible defense capabilities and superior athleticism that can simply not be ignored. We believe that his strength, ability and energy will carry over into the 2015-2016 regular season where he will prove his worthiness to the Clippers. DeAndre Jordan proved last season that he is a monster when it comes to swiftly getting up to the glass and rebounding the ball at its highest point. He was a leader in the league last season in rebounds and it is our prediction that this season will be no different. His elite rebound abilities make him an incredible asset to the Clippers.

Final Outcome is predicting the Los Angeles Clippers are quite easily one of the most well-rounded, complete teams in the league and we believe that this season will be the one they have been waiting for. Finally making it to the Western Conference Finals, for the first time, where they will fall just short of the win that would take them to the NBA Finals.